Hand-made Brown Sugar & Oatmeal Sugar Scrub - 8 oz

Brown Sugar & Oatmeal<br> Sugar Scrub - 1/2 Pound
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Brown Sugar & Oatmeal<br> Sugar Scrub - 1/2 Pound
Brown Sugar & Oatmeal
Sugar Scrub - 1/2 Pound
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Paraben & Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free

• Wonderful way of getting rid of the dry, flaky skin that develops over the day
• Preventing skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis
• Known to be a great way to fight cellulite in the body.
• Known to be healing of blemishes
• Healthier, glowing, uniformly textured and colored skin.
• Smells and looks very yummy

Mix gently to fluff the sugar scrub. Simply scoop a desired amount and rub it gently onto damp skin. It should feel rough, but not painful. Don't scrub too hard or too long: you just want to rub away the dead skin cells, not the entire top layer of skin, finish shower as normal. Oilís May Make Shower/Tub Slippery Use Mat, Careful When Exiting. This is a firm scrub, might seem dry at first until the water hits the scrub. The warm water melts the cocoa butter almost instantly; giving you a deep exfoliation.

Sugar scrubs are used not only for skin exfoliation, but also for cleansing. One advantage is that they do not clog the pores and are easily absorbed into the skin. They act as the all body polishing agents, leaving clean and smooth skin. This is because they are packed with the goodness of alpha-hydroxy which is essential for a glowing skin.