Soap Cupcakes...Mmmm, So-o-o Sweet!!

Soapy Cupcake Bakery
We're proud to tell you that we have our very own Soapy Cupcake Bakery too where our handmade glycerin soaps are made with a great deal of care by our very fussy "bakery" professionals.

Listen, don't get us wrong, we really LOVE our fussy team. And, only when they say everything is beyond perfect, will they place the Cupcake Soaps in a real bakery box filled with these sweet treats. Let's face it, how many times in your life have you had a cupcake that actually helps your skin?

Oh-so-yummy Soapy Cupcakes are topped with a whipped soap frosting to pamper baby's skin and leave it feeling silky soft. It's bunches of fun, and definitely promotes more mommy tickles and tummy kisses too. Scoop it all off at once...pinch a piece for a quick shave.
However you use your frosting your skin will be in Sweet Treat Heaven!