Elizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn

Elizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn
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Elizabeth Ruth PettyjohnElizabeth Ruth PettyjohnElizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn
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My name is Elizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn. I am married to the love of my life Stephen and we pursue our dreams together in downtown Albany, OR. As well as model, I teach piano and voice lessons, write music, and have been working on my debut album release for summer of 2012! I love bright colors, vintage clothes, Zumba workouts, and gelato dates with my sweetie.

What I have to say about ACTZ Cosmetics: I love the delicious scents, the smooth textures and the easy to wear experience ACTZ offers. My favorite part of my makeover were the vibrant colors of the shadows and how light it felt on my skin! I would recommend ACTZ Cosmetics to anyone who loves the bright and bold colors without all the chemicals or additives.

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