Marshmallow Talk - FAQ

Marshmallow Talk - FAQ
Review on Facebook "Melinda, California" Just discovered your products yesterday at the Monrovia Street Fair & Farmers Market. I got some Maple Bacon marshmallow soaps, a free sample of the Birthday Cake marshmallow soap, and the Vanilla Sandalwood Oats and Goat soap. I definitely know where I'll be getting my Mom her Mother's Day gifts this year!
I absolutely ADORE the Marshmallow soaps! They may be light in weight, but they're big in scent and suds. I'm using the sample soap in the guest bathroom, and it leaves a pleasant frosting aroma behind-- even hours later. Same thing with the Maple Bacon soap.
I have incredibly sensitive skin, which I inherited from my Dad. So many soap makers use chemicals (or additives, like soybean oil, which I likewise inherited an allergy to from my Dad) that irritate my skin, so to find one that doesn't, and that also has a strong commitment to charity as you do, I'm VERY happy.


My child loves to squish, smush and play with them in the tub, how can I save a whole marshmallow from their little hands? The fun of marshmallows for the children is the art of the "Squish". Grab a standard kitchen knife and cut your child's marshmallow into 1/2 or even 1/4 is plenty of washing fun during bath-time. Now you have plenty of smushing fun for days to come!

Do Marshmallow Soaps last as long as a standard bar soap? Yes! One piece of marshmallow at 1.5" can out last a half a bar of soap with proper drying between uses.

Do the Marshmallows feel as soft as they look or like a real marshmallow? Absolutely! After several years of formulating and reformulating; we have found you a perfect balance of soft, silky & a creamy feel.

Is there a way to care for my Marshmallow Soaps? Marshmallows need to be in a well draining soap dish; we recommend our "Marshmallow Drying Dishes" that are located on the first tab of this page.

Do you offer more flavors? We stock over 400 flavor options throughout the year changing and adding flavors monthly.

Why do you say "The Marshmallow that Cares?" For every 2 marshmallow soaps sold Marshmallow Soap Company donates to: Victims of Domestic Violence, Local Orphanage's, Women, Men and Children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Omgolly! A family member took a nibble off one, do I rush to the local Emergency Room? Just take a deep breathe and a little giggle. These Marshmallow Soaps are only made with Vegetable Derived & Food Safe Ingredients. A little nibble won't hurt; if a whole marshmallow is ingested it may cause a little belly ache. If any reaction occurs outside of this we recommend calling your family physician but this is highly rare and not experienced by any of our clients.