Donation of Your Choice

Donation of Your Choice
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This is a cash donation. You may donate to the Sander's Family in the amount of your choice. So for example if you would like to donate $20.00 just enter the quantity of 4. Please Enter Code: ShipMeKen in coupon code during checkout.

You may also send a personal PayPal that will go directly to Ken's Sister to: (If your donation is over $300.00 please use PayPal provided above)

Also a Bank Account is being setup for Ken at Wells Fargo by Kat Gordon (contact information to be posted soon as it becomes available). As soon as I receive the details regarding how to make a donation at a local Wells Fargo I will post them.

All Donations are transferred to the Sander's Family immediately after donation is made. We thank you for allowing us to Lend a Helping Hand in this Time of Healing