Mineral Face Mask - Hydra-M Complex

Mineral Face Mask - Hydra-M Complex
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Mineral rich mask works synergistically to improve skin vitality
Anti-Free Radical; Shield Against Oxidative Stress & Pollution

 Hydra-M a Smart Mineral Complex Mask

  • Vitality: Chrono-energizing by boosting cellular respiration, ATP production & epidermis turnover

  •Prevention: safeguards dermis (fibroblasts & extra cellular matrix) from glycation process

  • Protection: Oxidation stress shield by blocking free radicals & activates inter-cellular communication

  • Benefits: Aids in smoothing deep wrinkles and skin texture; Supports skin at any age

 Binchotan charcoal is known to:
• Purify & balance skin
• Enhance blood circulation
• Capture moisture
• Capture odors
• Elicit a sense of well-being
• Adsorb impurities and oils from skin & hair