Gifts of Encouragementís, Faith, Love, Congratulation & More

4 Week Gift Subscription
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4 Week Gift Subscription
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It is said when we are feeling sad, worn out, overwhelmed or alone; a warm bath or hot shower can cleanse away your worries and pains.
Let us help you share a sweet yummy treat to cleanse away the worries!

Do you have a family member or friend going through a challenging time? Do you wish you could share a unique gift to a loved one, son or daughter for the month? We have taken the extra expense of time and shopping off your shoulders. Let us do the extra work for you! For the next 4 weeks we will send out a custom cupcake with words of encouragement, faith, love, thank you, blessings and more. Each Monday of the week we will send out 1 cupcake gift boxed with an enclosed card with a message of love, strength, joy or affirmation.

Over the next month your loved one(s) will be enthusiastic to get home and check the mail. In our world we are so overwhelmed with bills, junk mail and advertisements. Donít you wish you could stop this during times of illness or mourning? Though we canít stop the bills or junk mail but what we can do is; give your Loved One a Message and Gift of Encouragement between all the responsibilities our mailboxes contain.

Each cupcake is custom to the encouragements that you are sending. For example: You have a loved one that is going through a separation. Cupcakes will be frosted to the clouds with love, sparkles, xís Oís and more. Words of Comfort may be: "If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time. Beth Mende Conny

Gifts are sent with no invoices, advertisements, coupons or samples. We appreciate these are delicate times for the recipient and the last thing we want them to feel is overwhelmed. The card of encouraging words will have your name and personal message if you have supplied one during checkout in the comment section.

Additional Ordering Details
You will be emailed a shipping confirmation each week when your gift of Love & Strength is mailed. This package includes shipping for the remaining gifts; you only pay shipping on this package there are no more additional charges. Any changes to theme must be made by the 2nd shipment. The cupcakes must be sent to the same address this package was originally purchased for. If there are circumstances which are urgent to change the shipping address for the additional shipments you must contact a.s.a.p. by email or the ďContact UsĒ form online; we will try to accommodate the best we can. *Pick my Own please leave a comment during checkout for the special occasion.