Hand-made Pre-Photo Shoot Scrub

Pre-Photo Shoot Scrub - 8 oz
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Pre-Photo Shoot Scrub - 8 oz
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Natural Anti-inflammatory Properties

Naturally Clearing Properties

Natural Detoxing Properties

Your Skin Before a Photo Shoot...

Ever woke up before a shoot only to find your skin inflamed, uneven,and dry. NOT ANYMORE! This scrub is formulated to be used 30 minutes to an hour before meeting with your MUA. Can you ever see yourself saying “Wow my skin is so smooth and even before my makeup.” This is a Facial & Full Body Scrub. 100% Natural with the wonderful soothing Aroma of “Certified Germanium”

This Scrub Contains the Highest Quality of Essential Oils, Clays/Mud,and Brazilian Salts.

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