Soapy Classroom

Soapy Classroom
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What is the Soapy Classroom?

• Do you find your toddler is most relax and attentive during bath time?
• Do you find yourself teaching and talking with your toddler during bath time?

Soapy Classroom is over a 1 pound box of mixed topics, shapes, colors and sizes. Learning the importance of bath time with a fun twist on education; giving tub time talk a little clean filled fun.
With this array of shapes and colors you will find your toddler not wanting to leave the tub! Your Toddler will be so excited to hear what Mom/Dad will say the next color is.

Red is for Apples! Lemons are Yellow!

When tub time is over simply allow your soaps to dry out overnight, throw them back in the soap dish and you are ready for bath timeagain. Hint! We have found that a sandwich size Tupperware is a wonderful way to store your tubby soaps between uses; just leave the lid off till they are dry.

These come in our most popular Fruit Ring aroma; a mild, fresh and fruity scent that is a hit with the boys and girls.

Shapes, Sizes and colors vary; you will receive a wide range of primary and secondary colors; Squares, Circles, Rectangles, Apples, Snails, Flowers and so many more. They are neatly packaged by color in a darling bakery box. When your toddler first sees this box of colors and shapes they will be begging to hop into the tub.

No animal products - Right off the bat 100% vegetable glycerin soaps become an excellent option for those that choose to use personal care products that have no ingredients of animal products, whether the decision is for personal or medical reasons.