Sprinkled Tub Bubblers

Sprinkled Tub Bubblers
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Sprinkled Tub BubblersSprinkled Tub Bubblers
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Tub Bubblers do the Bubbling & the Washing with the added FUN of a Soft Silky Marshmallow Feeling. Helping Mom make Tub-Time FUN!

Cute, fun and great smelling, Sprinkled Tub Bubbler Soaps is great for your skin. Use them in the kitchen or bathroom for yourself and guests to show off the FUN side of life!

• Provides Moisture to the skin; Leaving you feeling hydrated for hours
• Glycerin Soaps creates the foundation for healthy skin
• Smells and looks very yummy
• Great for all skin types including children and sensitive skin
• Moisturized & healthy skin is known to aid in preventing wrinkles, stretch marks and tears in your skin
• Helping Moms make bath-time and hand washing fun

Sprinkled Tub Bubblers in a container of 12 sprinkled orbs with a few bonus lego men all different shapes and colors. (Approx. 5-6 oz) You will have a large size soap dish over-flowing with Bubblers & Lego men.

Using a washrag or your hands, gently rub the soap in circles to form a lather. Gently rub the lather onto your skin. Rinse.

These are a fresh fruit scent which is sure to be a hit with girls & boys.

No animal products - Right off the bat 100% vegetable glycerin soaps become an excellent option for those that choose to use personal care products that have no ingredients of animal products, whether the decision is for personal or medical reasons.