Wise Man's Soap Dish

Wise Man's Soap Dish
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A Soap Dish Proving Age is Only a Number; The Body is as Young as the Mind.

Actz was so Blessed to meet a Local Artist in Southern California months back; 80+ years old still hand makes soaps dishes! How amazing he?

The best way to get the longest life out of a bar of soap is a natural wood soap dish.

We SAY NO to chemical based sealers; Raw is the Healthy way! How do we know that the lacquer sealers commonly used on Eco-Friendly Soap Dishes won't wear down/wash off onto our soap then to our hands and body? We will let you decided what is best for you in the meantime we will keep our Soap Dishes Raw, Healthy and Amazing as the 80+ Year Old Woodcraft-er that crafts them~